Yesterday we were so excited about the birthday of our youngest son to celebrate his first birthday within  our family. It is exciting for several reasons. First of all, we live as a family all together for the first time ever and it is in the USA. Then, we have never celebrated birthdays of our children at that age for some reasons. Also, after all challenges in life, especially the ones happened this year, we wanted to remember some good events in 2016!  As a result, we celebrated not only his birthday on August 11, 2016 but also kind of observed our  old Kyrgyz tradition Tusho Kesuu or Cutting the Rope.

I have worked for many years in nonprofit sector and have served for the community in my country. My priority was my job and career and I thought it was normal to leave my children with my parents and sometimes with my spouse. The work I have been involved in made me travel a lot throughout the Kyrgyz republic and abroad. For months, I used to spend times with my children and spouse only over the weekends. And I was happy because I was young, and I was doing good for the community.  When I reunited with my family in 2013 after one year of separation, my 4 year old daughter told me: “Mom, when it was night in Kyrgyzstan, I always missed you, I cried at nights.” I wish I knew then what was going in my children’s mind. I thought, my children were happier with their grandparents than with me, because I was busy and just good enough mother.

Almost all children feel happier with their own parents, even if the parents are just good enough parents. In fact, research suggests that children of good enough mothers are more successful in their life.

I wish, I could plan better and do the same job but keep my children with me all the time. Now, we are all together and I am a happy mother thanks to my parents who helped me raise my four healthy children.

Kyrgyz people welcome any guests to their houses and we were exceptionally happy to see our close friends and some new friends celebrating Tabris’ birthday. Our friend, Sabina, invited me with Tabris to their  Photo Studio to take professional pictures of my son for his first birthday!  Others visited us with presents, food and drinks! Another friend successfully fixed our bathroom on that day.

We observed Cutting the Rope tradition, which is very important when a baby starts his first steps. It is believed that if you observe that tradition your child will have a successful life.

Although we had not observed that tradition with other three children on time, we wanted to do so with our youngest son.  It was not exactly the way it should be observed, but we followed its main idea. We made the rope out of the thread and then bound his legs in a figure of eight. Then asked all friends and guests and children to go and ran, my elder daughter was first to come, she and another friend took a new knife and cut the rope. After distributing monetary gifts to everyone, we went back home to eat plov, our main Kyrgyz food. Although during the day there were some obstacles and we also visited a doctor for one year old check up and for immunization shots,  I am thankful for that day: to my family members, my friends, and my parents for their time, support, presents and nice wishes on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Tabris! We all love you and best wishes.

Your mother.

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