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Any mother can be a social worker. It is a challenging and rewarding job. A good social worker is an agent of social changes and an advocate for many vulnerable people including children whose voices are usually little heard. My MSW degree helped me advocate for my own daughter. She wanted to go to a school that was different from what she was assigned initially.

Everything is possible if you approach the situation in the right way. No one knows your situation unless you speak up.

In the US, your address is very important, because children must go to schools that are located within that area where you live. Legally, you cannot enroll your children in a different school unless otherwise explained. I met two times respective registrar assistants and got the same reply: “Sorry, we cannot enroll your daughter to the school you want.”

However, seeing my daughter unhappy, I believe, because of her transitional development period, I was firm not to give up. I decided to write an official request and provide the reasons for my request. I made an appointment. We had a good meeting. I left all the documents with the school administration.
A few days later, I got a voice message from the school that my request to transfer my eldest daughter to a new school was approved.

Parents should give attention to their 12-15 years old children, and be friends with them.

However, in my case, I felt there was a lack of communication between me and my eldest daughter, being myself at that time a full-time student and having other three small children. By advocating for her needs, I just wanted my little teenager to feel that she is loved and supported.

Culturally Kyrgyz people, may not express their love towards their children openly, especially if there are many children in a family. In many cases, Kyrgyz parents express their love differently, they do everything for the sake of their children. They raise them, pay for their higher education, take all expenses of their children’s wedding parties that may consist of 250 to 500 relatives and friends. Kyrgyz parents buy or build a house for their children to make their life easier. Besides, Kyrgyz parents look after their grandchildren to show how much they love and support their own children.

By advocating for my daughter, I wanted her to know that she is heard, loved, and listened to. As a mother, I thank the school administration for their assistance in helping my child grow emotionally, socially, and psychologically in a supportive environment without any additional stress. Thank you for your great and challenging work to support not only children but also parents in raising healthy children!

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