How to talk to your teenager?

“Talking to your teenager, should be in the same manner as if you are talking to your husband”- said one psychologist.

This comparison is so powerful. It explains clearly how I should communicate with my teen daughter.

Sometimes I do not know how to communicate with her. Especially, when I have been facing so many issues with her resistant or even aggressive behavior due to her anxiety or depression. I am a mother, and I got confused when I realized that my methods of raising up my child stopped working. Why? Where is my small, innocent, and obedient child? I came to a reality, that my child is no longer a child. My child is on the path of becoming an adult. As a parent, I need to help her and guide her in this life. Yet, sometime in the past, our trust had been broken. I feel very bad. I need to find ways to rebuilt the trust between us.

If you have a teen, start talking to your teen as if you are talking to your husband. Just keep that in mind. This is not a child, this is a person who requires the same respect as an adult. If you believe, it is okay for your husband to refuse to wash dishes, you should accept the fact that your daughter has a right to refuse to wash dishes too.

Like with your husband, be mindful and careful of what to say, when to say, and how to say to your teen child.

I am choosing to be delicate with my teen daughter while talking to her, because I do love her very much and care about her.


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