Things that make me happy!


I have four children and I feel blessed no matter what obstacles I have had in my personal life. Was I always a happy mother? No, I was not.

What helped me to become a happy mother? First of all, I realized how important it was to be myself, but not a person everyone wants to see, or expects of you to be. Once I looked at myself mindfully, I felt sorry for myself because that was not me. 

Over the years due to criticism from my ex -spouse, my self-esteem became much lower than it used to be. By nature, I am a doer, an organizer, and an initiator. So I changed my life. I decided to take care of myself, eat healthy food, plant vegetables at home, exercise different types of sports just to find the one that fits me best.

Secondly, I said goodbye to my past and forgave everyone who I was angry and disappointed with.

Third, I am always in search for answers. I continue educating myself in parenting. I do believe that the most difficult job is to raise responsible healthy children. All in all, these things help me feel happy because I am good enough!



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