Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst…

What would be your reaction if you are told that you may be furloughed for 6 months or more?

In my case, my brain did not want to accept this. Second time? I looked at the situation realistically. I called immediately to my management and said that it is better for myself and the business if I am laid off. Then, I took 3 days of vacation, and left for Chicago with my family. My goal was to distract myself from the sad news, and redirect my energy to positivity.

It is a challenging time, especially for businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. We know, businesses are all about profit. If I am a business owner, of course I would check my losses and profits. My decision would be in the best interest of my business. No matter how hard you worked, this is a necessity when dealing with adverse consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a short-term necessity in order to keep businesses’ long-term goals sustainable and unchanged.

If you are a parent, and you have children, you know, you do not have time to be sorry for yourself. All I know, at times of uncertainty, I have a hope. But despite our plans and actions, always be prepared for the worst. It is not easy to accept the reality, but you are strong, you can do it. It is a life-proven experience that women are strong.

Let’s look at the benefits of being laid off:

  • You can actually get a severance package or a check.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy some time with yourself and family.
  • Use 2 paid weeks to visit dentists and other doctors 🙂
  • Allow yourself to get a new job
  • Open, start and/or extend your own business
  • Wear your mask and meet your friends 🙂
  • Or learn new skills- it is never too late to learn
  • Start exercising or exercise more
  • Write your own thoughts and ideas
  • What would you do?

I know, it is hard, and it is easier to say. Believe me, there are so many opportunities out there, just close this door and open another door for something new. You can always come back and open the same door when it is the right time.

Published by MOM

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