“It hurts, mom!”


Toilet training, autism, constipation and diet are closely interrelated. Each time my son was toilet trained, we had drama. I asked for help only when my son cried: “It hurts, mom!” Once again, our experts from special district school helped me. One day, I emailed. Next day, I got a professional response that helped us both in our successful journey of toilet training.

In short, each child is unique. Each mother knows her child best and can find the best strategy that works for them. I became more patient, and waited for the right time; meanwhile I was trying different strategies.

I noticed the progress only when my child was ready to learn. Usually before going to potty, we used respective pictures, read books and watched videos about it over and over again.

Here is one of the great videos that was effective for my child.

Now, my baby is making good progress.

For us, toilet training was a very long and stressful journey. But we made it!

Every parent has their struggles. Always ask for help if needed, you are not alone.

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