Why is Social Support Important?

Save children by helping parents!

Economic hardship influences parental functioning and family relationships. Many researchers found strong association between poverty and physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.  Therefore, it is so important to utilize formal and informal social support to help parents through education, referrals, information, and financial assistance, especially today. By doing this, we are helping not only adults, but also saving our little ones. In most cases, parents with multiple issues do not know why they abuse their children or fight with each other. The pattern seemed to be consistent with many studies where poor parenting occurs among parents with depressive symptoms, which leads to problematic behavioral outcomes among children of all ages.

 It is all about providing support to parents with multiple problems.  Respective studies prove that social support can be a protective factor and may positively impact on the health of parents and parenting outcomes.

Who can serve as social support? Anyone

  • Friends, relatives, neighbors and others;
  • Institutions, social support groups, health specialists, churches and others.

How can you provide social support to a parent? It is easy, just allocate 10-15 min and ask a parent, a neighbor, or anybody you think needs your help.

Sometimes, it is helpful just to listen to the person, sometimes, it is just to look after kids, or do anything that will help parents with multiple issues.

Today I felt so amazing just because I had a conversation with my neighbor for the first time ever. You may think, this act may help someone, but in fact, it may help you too.


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