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Coming from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, one of the developing countries, I was determined to be a teacher and I had worked as a teacher  for five years or so.  However, my personal life experiences have helped me with my decision to become a social worker, leader, mentor, and just a good enough mom. I believe, in spite of all challenges, my world takes care of me and my children. This blog is a way of keeping my mind busy and redirecting my focus on something positive. These are the stories and experiences that are related to me directly or indirectly. These are the steps of me learning and navigating the process of blogging. I am not perfect, I do many mistakes, but I take actions in order to understand.

There is no perfect time to start blogging. Start now, and learn slowly by clicking and reading the prompts. It is not that complicated, just take your time to navigate the system. It is relatively easy to open your own website. It is harder to discipline yourself and learn every day consistently depending on your goals of blogging. Click here to begin with:

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