This video represents all social orphans worldwide. A toddler from Kyrgyzstan was told that his mother flew away by airplane to another country to earn money. This is a real issue in Kyrgyzstan where migration leaves hundreds of thousands of social orphans behind. In most cases parents do not have any other choice. This maybe one of the survival strategies to support their children and families because there are no jobs in their own country. Or the job they have in their own country may pay too little and not enough to survive.

Basically, a child who is abandoned by their mother or father in search of earnings from another country, can be a social orphan. Social orphans then live with their uncles, aunts, grandparents, or in worse case scenarios, they are placed in the orphanages or government facilities. Most studies show that children who are raised without their parents, have some symptoms of emotional, behavioral, and psychological disorders. These symptoms most likely can lead to more severe consequences in adulthood. Unless, parents realize how to act in the best interest of their children.     

In my case, my children were raised by my parents for a few years. I had to work and travel to different cities and countries until I realized that my absence had affected my children even though my parents had done everything for them. In spite of the challenges, I decided that my children should be with me. As Frederick Douglass said: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”

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