Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst…

Advertisements What would you do if you were told you might be furloughed for the second time? In my case, I took three days of vacation and left for Chicago with my family. My goal was to distract myself from the sad news and redirect my energy to positivity.  It is a challenging time, especiallyContinue reading “Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst…”

You are the World for your child

Advertisements It has been awhile. I stopped sharing my thoughts because so many things were happening in my life. Some were good, some were stressful. No matter what life brings to me, I always try to redirect my energy for positivity. I became a mother of my 4th child in 2015, and he is such aContinue reading “You are the World for your child”

Things that make me happy!

Advertisements I have four children and I feel blessed no matter what obstacles I have had in my personal life. Was I always a happy mother? No, I was not. What helped me to become a happy mother? First of all, I realized how important it was to be myself, but not a person everyoneContinue reading “Things that make me happy!”

Update your child’s programming!

Advertisements It is the 21st century and the way we were raised has become outdated. Fifty years ago, our lives were different, leadership was different, system, and society were different. Why do we want to raise our children according to the old systems, old methods, and old values? According to Isaak Pintosevich when we buyContinue reading “Update your child’s programming!”

What Can I Do In One Minute?

Advertisements Have you ever thought what can you do in one minute? Recently, I thought about this and realized how much power one minute has! In Japan, people spend one minute each day to do some work for self-improvement. It is called the practice of Kaizen (‘kai’ means change and ‘zen’ means wisdom. They also useContinue reading “What Can I Do In One Minute?”

Does your child tell you “Mom, you are the best”?

Advertisements Face painting can be fun activity for kids. Do it with kids, try to paint their face, and let your child paint your face, it may turn out great! Paints are not expensive, but you may have so much fun and spend your time with your kids qualitatively. Praise your child for the greatContinue reading “Does your child tell you “Mom, you are the best”?”

Help your child look prettier and be healthier! 

Advertisements Good-enough mothers instill healthy lifetime habits in their children and the earlier they do it the better. A child who consumes sugary drinks or candies is more likely to suffer from dental cavities. Assumption is bad. There were three main reasons why I assumed that my two kids may not have cavities. First ofContinue reading “Help your child look prettier and be healthier! “

Activity with kids: Rubik’s Cube

Advertisements Help children develop their brain and fine motor skills. According to scientists, when children reach four years old, their brains have been already developed up to 86 percent. Rubik’s Cube is an activity that develops fine motor skills and brain. Therefore, toddlers and kids of any ages can play and solve it. Rubik’s Cube isContinue reading “Activity with kids: Rubik’s Cube”

American culture: What is Halloween?

Advertisements Halloween is an American holiday. It is celebrated each year on the night of October 31. It is usually celebrated amongst family, friends and sometimes, community. Historically, Halloween came from Ireland and originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain,  celebrating the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Halloween is observedContinue reading “American culture: What is Halloween?”

Give 30 seconds of complete focus!

Advertisements The moments of departure and the moments of meeting have a profound effect on our kids’ wellbeing and success! How many of us leave our children at our babysitters or daycare and say goodbye to them, and yet we are on our phones? How many of us take our kids back from daycare while still onContinue reading “Give 30 seconds of complete focus!”