I am thankful…

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to remind ourselves of what we value and appreciate in our lives. Here are some events I am thankful for.

Let’s talk

Originally posted on Mission of Moms:
How do you communicate with your teen child? You see, I used to have communication challenges with my teen daughter, especially during her puberty period. I was confused about my methods of raising a child because they stopped working. Where is my small, innocent, and obedient baby? I came…

Why is Social Support Important?

Save children by helping parents! Economic hardship influences parental functioning and family relationships. Many researchers found strong association between poverty and physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.  Therefore, it is so important to utilize formal and informal social support to help parents through education, referrals, information, and financial assistance, especially today. By doing this, weContinue reading “Why is Social Support Important?”

You are the World for your child

It has been awhile. I stopped sharing my thoughts because so many things were happening in my life. Some were good, some were stressful. No matter what life brings to me, I always try to redirect my energy for positivity. I became a mother of my 4th child in 2015, and he is such a lightContinue reading “You are the World for your child”