Power of Togetherness

When Covid-19 started killing people worldwide, Kyrgyzstan was in the top countries with high rate of mortality compared to its population, especially in June 2020. Many medical staff and volunteers of Kyrgyzstan asked for help due to the lack of supplies and resources. I connected with social workers from Kyrgyzstan and asked if they would be able to implement the project if they had funds. Nazgul Cholponbaeva, a head of the Social Workers Alumni Association in Kyrgyzstan, said yes. We reached our main tangible goals together with our donors and contributors from all over the world at that time.

Today as projected, a number of new cases of Covid-19 is very high. Please, see the link below for more details.

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Check this out for the updates: Power of Togetherness – GoFundMe project Link

Below are some of the progress videos when we started fundraising project in summer 2020. We have already raised online and offline $2,454 out of $3,000. We are trying to raise now the remaining $546 to help our local medical facilities with urgent everyday use needs, such as gloves, masks, PPEs, hand sanitizers, soaps, and many other small items. We temporarily stopped our fundraising efforts after purchasing and donating 3 oxygen concentrators to local health facilities. However, now due to economic and political situations in Kyrgyzstan, the country where the president resigned during the most difficult time, we ask you to donate any amount so together we can provide the medical professionals of marginalized areas of Kyrgyzstan with necessities and PPEs. We are not professionals, we’re just reacting to the urgent needs during the most challenging times. Thank you for your donation.

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