My Home Project

UN Women launched 16 days of activism against gender- based violence campaign on November 25, 2020. It is important to raise awareness and educate young people in Kyrgyzstan on the negative consequences of the issue of bride-kidnapping in order to stop this practice.

I am thankful…

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to remind ourselves of what we value and appreciate in our lives. Here are some events I am thankful for.


Реклама This video represents all social orphans worldwide. A toddler from Kyrgyzstan was told that his mother flew away by airplane to another country to earn money. This is a real issue in Kyrgyzstan where migration leaves hundreds of thousands of social orphans behind. In most cases parents do not have any other choice.Продолжить чтение “A BOY CALLING FOR HIS MOM”

You’d better be off and running!

Реклама While reading a book written by Sid Friedman about sales success system, I encountered the old story he wrote about the lion and the gazelle (p.30). I thought it is really nice to share because the moral of this story can be applied in many situations. I compare this story with the missionПродолжить чтение “You’d better be off and running!”

Why is Social Support Important?

Реклама Save children by helping parents! Economic hardship influences parental functioning and family relationships. Many researchers found strong association between poverty and physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.  Therefore, it is so important to utilize formal and informal social support to help parents through education, referrals, information, and financial assistance, especially today. By doingПродолжить чтение “Why is Social Support Important?”

“It hurts, mom!”

Реклама Toilet training, autism, constipation and diet are closely interrelated. Each time my son was toilet trained, we had drama. I asked for help only when my son cried: “It hurts, mom!” Once again, our experts from special district school helped me. One day, I emailed. Next day, I got a professional response thatПродолжить чтение ““It hurts, mom!””